2 brothers downed in Sialkot

Zeeshan Ahmed August 19, 2010 10

SIALKOT: According to The Nation, two brothers, Muhammad Nadeem (28) and Muhammad Naeem (25) were gunned down by six armed persons (including former UC nazim, Dr Iftikhar), on Wednesday, over an old dispute of cable TV network in village Bharath in the fringes of Sialkot Cantt.

The complete article can be found at The Nation.


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  1. m hannaan August 27, 2012 at 11:20 am - Reply

    i think today incident of sialkot was a criminal activity they all should be punished who were involved in killing inshah allah cia is a good policy.

  2. amjad chaudhry September 14, 2010 at 2:22 am - Reply

    police is total risponsabl of this incident must be punish that police mans was present thear must must be hang

  3. zafar August 24, 2010 at 11:59 am - Reply

    In sialkot incident, police officers should be hanged because they are the actual culprits.

  4. m.n.m August 23, 2010 at 9:27 am - Reply

    brutility has become shabaz sharifes culture trough his picked and friendly disterct d.p.os in evrey city they falsily accuse people of major crimes and comet inccounters to scare the people or oppsesion partys that stand up or try takeing action agenist there crimnal activetes they only give out the justice to the own voters or soppurters that they think have soppourted them and they will imppliment proofs if they have to for there goverment and sadly this has been the same case in this case n. soppurters have minipelated the 2 brothers at any mean so theres no oppesesion left couse of fear they try to creat fear for fearlees victory these bollheads have become the devils they try to be be very tactecal in ter own thougth .but they should understand that the alcapone days have gone.they should know that this is the town of ilama iqbal the one tat seen a dream of pakistan and every child of that distrect is ilama iqbal .u are responseble for this brutal inccedent i wud reqvest the honroble cheif justice iftikhar coudry to demolish the d.p.os and give a commisoners the power .allah pak sabre de to the perants .a

  5. Pakistani August 22, 2010 at 7:36 am - Reply

    Sialkot kay Intihaie AfoosNake waqayee, Jiss main Doo Bhaioon ko Dakoo Karar daay kar Loogoon nay aur Pakistan Ki Official Terrorist Organization (Police) nay Hallak kar diyya. Aaahhh! Afshhoss saad afshoos!!!

    Saab say bahar kar jo Bay hisseei Loogon say nazar aie, woo yeah kay unhoon nay Zullam ko appni ankhoon say hottay dekha aur aur ussay kissi tarhhan say bhi na Rokka, na Zubban say Na Haath say, iss liyyee woo loog bhi Iss Zullam main barraber kay shareek hain, aur unn ko bhi Iss Dunya main naheen tou Akhrrat main Qaatillon jittna hi Hissab dayyna hoo ga. Unn logon nay appany barray main iss baat ka waqiee diyya kay, “Siyalkoti – Harram Di Botti”

    Saab say barra Allmiyya uss waqat nazar ayya jab Media wallon nay Appni Dukkan aakk bar phir say Chammkani Surru ki, aur appnay app ko Pakistan Kay Muhaazzeeb Tareen log kehhalwanyee wallay, Kutti kay bachayee , Maddar Chood, harram Khoor, Dallay bhi na sirf Loogoon kay sath tammassa dekhttay rahayee balkay Maqtoolloon ka Tammasha banna kar appny appnay TV channels per dekhaa rahyee hain.

    Pakistan Ki Official Terrorist Organization (Police) aur wahhan majood tummam logon say koei yeah phoochayee kay Chor/Dako ki sazza Max. Haath Kattna ho sakti hay Qaattal karna Kiss nay declare kar di hay???

    Ajj har dard dil rakhnay walla insaan In Sialkotioon (logoon, media, police) say joo wahhan kharray Moot ka Tammssa dekhttay rahayoon, say keh rahha hay, Kay Tum bhi Iss moot kay Khyaal main Barraber kay sharreek ho, aur Iss dunnyaa main jiss marzee bahhnayee ya jis tariqayee say bhi Baach Jawoo, Lakeen akhrrat main tumharra haal Qatillooon kay stah hi kiyya jayee ga!!!

    Un larkoon kay Gharr wallon say sirf Saabbar karnayee ka hi Kahh Ja sakkta hay, Kieu kay Inssaf tou Unhieen Supreme Court of Pakistan say bhi naheen Millay ga, Kieu kay wahhan ka Head aakk KAANNA hay jiss nay saall bharr sarrkoon per Gaannd Raaggar Raggar kar Appni Kursii ReNew Karwai, Sirf appany liyee, abb Ussay kiissi say Garrazz naheen hay, Uss kannay Chief Justices ko Zardari Kuttay nay NRO ka 10% day diyya hay, aur abb woo bhi Sakoon main hay, ……………

    Kash Hum Loog bhi Kuch Himmat Kar laien Ajj Baddallnayee kay Liyee Humm bhi Pakistan ki Official Terrorist Organization (Police) kay Terrorists ko bhi Dandday Mar Mar kay Khatum Kar Daien,

    Ajj Saloot karney ko Dil kartta hay Unn taliban ko Jinhoon nay Suede Side Bombing main Pakistan Kay Official Terrorists ko Marra, Thanks those Tallibans Thanks

    Come On, Taliban Come On, You are Welcome to Kill These Official Terrorists Of Pakistan!!!

  6. sami2131 August 20, 2010 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    f you are so interested in updating people about crime report of Pakistan then where the hell is report about 2 innocent boys son of Mr.Shabbir butt who got killed publicly and brutually in the city of Sialkot.. the worst incident ever happened in the history of crime.Being voice of overseas Pakistanis we need the results and information what is goin on and when the killers so called Police and others will be punish.We appeal for severe and maximum punishment for these sick bastards.Shame on Pakis for such movement…

  7. ALi August 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    First of all i would like to say that,
    Fuck you pakistan police,fuck those peoples that they killed the innocent brothers,im pathan then we are brave,those activity are criminal but pakistan goverment did not arrest him i knew it,if pakistan goverment is in my hand,first of fall i fuck those bloody police offciers and those bloody mother fuckers people……..Thats solve………..

  8. Saqib Mufti August 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    Asalam-o-AlaikumAgar aaj Pakistan pe AZAB nazil huwa hai SAILAAB ki surat me ZARDARI ki surat me MEHANGAI ki surat me to iski koi na koi waja hai.. Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai k hum kitne begairat ho gaye hain… Ye 2 bhaiyo k sath jo b kuch huwa hai is se yeh sabit hota hai k hum ISLAM se pehle k zamaanay k rehne waale log hain. Woh admi unki gairat kahan gayi thi jab woh in 2 bhaiyo ki maar rahe thay aur gaaliya nikal rahe thay aur unko hang kar diya woh b rescue office k bahir. aur sab mazay se dekh rahe hain unko hang hote aur videos bana rahe hain.. kya woh sab begairat mil k in chand gundo se bacha nahi sakte.. Woh din dur nahi jab humaare saath b wesa he salooq hoga jaisa QAUM-E-AAD aur QAUM-E-SAMOOD k sath huwa hai inshallah… hum isi layiq hain..

  9. Dr Aqsa August 20, 2010 at 12:59 am - Reply

    I think the today incident of sialkot was a criminal activity they all should be punished those were involved in killing

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